P O W E R   V O O D O O

C H A N G E   Y O U R   D E S T I N Y


  Voodoo Master en High Priest

Oluwakanyinsola Chidubem Mbilo


Power Voodoo and Black Magic Rituals


Whether it’s love problems, legal issues, academic and social activities, career developments, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, a desire to become pregnant, personal wishes, money problems or cutbacks:

Here’s your chance to turn the situation in your favor. Don’t let your life slip through your fingers by constantly falling and getting back up, depending on odds and bad luck. We can help you find your inner peace and reconciliate you with nature.

  We’re a team of four Voodoo and Black Magic practitioners. Voodoo master and high priest Oluwakanyinsola Chidubem and his group of Shaman Voodoo doctors will do everything in their power to aid you with guidance and advice.  
  We’re all part of the Yoruba tribe from East Benin, with decades of experience in voodoo and black magic spells. We work with a great diversity of voodoo dolls, amulets, talismans, sacred chandeliers, liquids, crystals and a variety of ingredients from the ancient world, including herbs, oils and other natural resources.  

Voodoo and Black Magic spells and their rituals and spells are not without consequence. Be careful when you order spells and incantations from this website, especially those involving harm to innocent people of property without good cause. With the exception of love spells, these could cause unintended reactions and backfire if you cast them hastily (this is especially the case for revenge spells). We from Voodoo and Black Magic Spells are not responsible for the wrongful use of the instructions of revenge spells that you have ordered from the vendors below. Any other spells can be ordered without having to worry about backfires

  The word ‘Voodoo’ itself is terrifying for many people. The times in which the establishment considers voodoo and its followers a dark community of dark, ignorant people, are over. Nowadays we’ve learned that people from all walks of life work as Voodoo and Black Magic masters.  
  Voodoo originated in West Africa as an instrument of revenge. The Voodoo and Black Magic procedures, especially those from the Tschebe-tshabe community are spiritual practices that should not be taken lightly. The rituals and spells are very powerful.  

We help u with the following life situations


- 1 - Recovering a runaway lover.


- 2 - Keeping couples together with a voodoo love-commitment spell.


- 3 - Stabilising your marriage by eliminating external influences.


- 4 - Getting that man or woman with a guaranteed love spell.


- 5 - Pulling an unwilling lover into a long lasting relationship.


- 6 - Rejuvenating your sex life with a custom spell.


- 7 - Protecting yourself against voodoo, witchcraft and black magic.


- 8 - Black magic revence spell




Success is not a consequence of falling and getting back up. It’s the product of invisible forces that work for or against you. When you approach us it’s our job to make these forces work in your favor.

  Paranormal or spiritual healing is a human ability we all have. Some are better at it than others, which is seen as a gift from above. Other than healing in the vicinity of the subject, there is also healing from a distance, where the healer works from another place. Realize that there are some people who influence someone else without their knowing (yes, even when they’re healing and helping people), and that’s Black Magic (everyone has their own free will after all, so that healing or helping a person without their permission will influence that will). Since ancient times Black Magic and Voodoo rituals have been used for evil and selfish goals. In modern days there are some people who’ve come to the realization that the definition of ‘Black Magic’ has been twisted by those who disapprove of it.  

Spells and rituals are magical formulas designed to achieve specific results. Many scientific discoveries are attributed to magical activities like alchemy, astrology and herb science, which incorporate the use of spells and rituals. The word ‘spell’ comes from the old English word spel, which means spell or fable, which in turn is derived from prehistoric German. That’s how these spells, the conjurations of wizards, gained the exclusive definition of magical formulas. Spells are generally temporary measures to achieve a desired result or to improve situations, which includes the use of magical forces. Some people consider spells a demonic form of prayer, that originates from witchcraft. Some religions believe spells are evil, cast with false gods and that they in no way resemble hymns and prayers.

Real witches don’t use spells and rituals just for fun. When you get a flat, would a Christian sit down in the grass and pray to God to come down and give him a hand? I hope not. Neither would a witch. Bothering your gods for every little thing is annoying and shows that you’re incapable of taking care of yourself. You will definitely annoy them. So, again: spells are beautiful, coordinated prayers to our Gods.


Our custom spells are spells that I only design and use for you. I offer a large amount of spells on my website for most situations. However, a situation might occur that requires a very specific, custom-made spell, or you simply can’t find what you’re looking for. We’ll map the details of your specific situation and the desired result and then we’ll write you a personal spell. We can adapt or create any spell for your specific wishes. Our custom Voodoo spells can be created for any situation. Every spell we cast will be made especially for you and whatever you need. After purchasing we ask you to send an email with the following data:

 Your name, date of birth and picture

 Names of other people

 A short description of the situation

 A description of one or two paragraphs, in your own words, of the exact desired result of your spell.

 When we have received all the information we’ll contact you to start on your custom spell.

Yoo dara o

Voodoo Master High Priest Oluwakanyinsola Chidubem Mbilo


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need additional information for spells that involve other people?

A general rule of thumb is: the more you tell us about the situation, the better. We normally ask for the names of other people that are involved in the spell. However, all additional information you can give us is welcome.

How do I know when my spell will be cast?

When we’ve received your order along with all necessary information required for your spell, we’ll send you an email. Enclosed you’ll find information regarding the day on which your spell will be cast along with any other instructions.

Can I choose a date for my spell to be cast?

We’ve noticed it works better when you let us choose a date. Every witch has different casting preferences, so they keep to their own schedules. Casting rituals take a lot of time and energy and require a period of recovery afterwards. We’re proud of the quality of our work and adapt our schedules accordingly. However, if you do need a spell to be cast at a certain date, we ask that you send your request at least six weeks in advance. Exceptions to this are urgent spells that are cast within 36 hours after ordering.

Why do you charge money for this?

The prices we maintain are low compared to the offered results. The prices we charge cover our base expenses which allows us to keep doing the work we do for you.

How much information do you need to cast a spell for me?

When you’ve completed your order, the priest will contact you through email. The information we require for a spell may vary, depending on the type of spell you’ve asked for. Trust that all information is strictly confidential and will only be used for casting the spell.

Do you call upon dark forces or the devil to cast your spells?

Not at all. I call upon the forces of the elements, wind, water, etc. I also call upon the forces of ancestors and passed spirits. The name Shaiton (The Devil) is never mentioned in any spell that I cast. We stay as far away from evil as we possibly can.

I have a different religion. Will the spell work for me?

The advantages and love of Yoruba voodoo is for everyone, regardless of race, religion or skin colour. Nature works for anyone who calls for her help. You can still be a devout Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc., and still reap the benefits of ancient African voodoo.

Why are your prices so much lower than other, comparable services?

Well, that’s simple. We dedicated our lives to living in harmony with nature. Any revenue that we gain from this will go towards us and our families, our temple, our community and the maintenance of this website, and any necessities for the spells. That’s why I don’t see any reason to charge thousands, like many others do.

Will your help and my purchage stay private?

Yes, all purchases go through PayPal, Money Transfer or Money Gram and they won’t divulge your information to anyone but us. We also never divulge your information to someone else. All your data and requests are 100% confidential. Sometimes we work together with the only Voodoo Shaman and studio in the Netherlands. In some cases, we might ask for his aid to help us and you with your case.

Do I have to meet you personally?

Not at all. All the work is done by me personally and the Shamans in our temple. I only need your basic information. I’ll simply let you know when the day of your spell casting will be and on that day you will need to do a short prayer (to connect with us) and that’s it. I’ll contact you and let you know when the spell has been cast. All contact will go through email.

Mail: Powervoodoo@hotmail.com



The information on this website is for informative purposes only, it’s subjective and does not necessarily apply to your situation. Results may vary. The information of our clients will not be shared or published and will be treated confidentially. Even though Voodoo master Oluwakanyinsola Chidubem and his Shamans will do everything in their power to help you with guidance and advice, success and accuracy of our services can differ per person.

Note that a lot of situations occur in life that are beyond our scope of abilities. The supernatural often works in mysterious ways, that go way above human understanding. We don’t claim to be the ultimate authority that can and will change your destiny. We can’t explicitly guarantee that the spells we cast deliver the desired results. Use the website with discretion. Spells won’t solve your problems immediately.

We can’t guarantee the accuracy or the success of answers, advice or services on this website. The site and services we deliver are ‘as is’ without warranties. We explicitly refuse every warranty request with regards to the website and its services, including any enclosed warranty for a certain goal or failure. We don’t guarantee that the services on this website are without prejudices, defects, faults or wiretaps. We’re not responsible for the quality of the information or the certificates of authenticity that are given by the experts on the website. By using this website, you accept the terms of this disclaimer. You agree to the fact that the use of any answer, advice or service is at your own risk and that we’re not responsible for any damage or losses that arise from your trust in such answers and advice. By using the website, you understand and explicitly agree with the fact that we’re not responsible for any loss, disadvantage, injury or damage that arises from using this website.